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Impending Senility and Burlesque 
28th-May-2013 01:33 am
So I have decided to once again try and lessen my weight. I need to try and change how I eat and how I use my body. I am alternating between walking and using a video and then also going on walks with my wonderful t-chan. But no matter what I can't be where I am today when I am thirty. I cannot be where my father was at forty. My knees and back hurt. My shoulders hurt and I am winded going up and down stairs. I am active, but things could be much better. I have to be able to afford cheaper clothing that I actually want to wear.

On a lighter note: I've almost finished the memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee. I suppose it could be listed under biography since she basically wrote it. She is an interesting woman and surprisingly enough the musical did a decent amount of justice to her story. I hate to finish it but I can't wait to delve back in.
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